Challenge your math and problem-solving skills with the Blue Orange Double Shutter Game. This engaging yet easy-to-play game directs users to find the best combinations of numbers that match the value on the rolled dice in order to shut down their tiles. The first player to shut down all of his or her tiles wins, but the game is not as easy as it sounds. Before players can shut down tiles in the second row, the front row must be shut. Crafted from solid wood, this board game is attractive, fun and environmentally conscious. For every tree that Blue Orange uses for its games, it plants two more. The handsome, classic design on this dice board game adds style to its fun play style. Challenge friends and family in this quick-paced strategy game.

detailedDescription":"Whether you are looking for solitary entertainment, exciting competition or a cooperative challenge, Double Shutter is it! Roll the dice, add up the dots and find the best combination of numbered tiles to shut down. Have the lowest point total to win! In this addictive adding game of chance and strategy, the ultimate goal is to knock down both rows of tiles. Double Shutter is a fun educational game to help teach addition. Kids will want to play again and again until they shut the super box! Ages 8 to Adult. For 1-4 players. Contents: 1 Double Shutter Box, 2 Dice, and Illustrated Rules.



Target Audience:Parties

Age Range:8 to 11 Years


Manufacturer Part Number:BL00291

Features:Roll the dice, add up the dots and find the best combination of numbered tiles to flip down. A tactile, enticing way to help teach kids addition! Players develop strategies, figure probabilities and use arithmetic to Shut the Super Box! An addictive game for up to 4 players that can be played solo, cooperatively or competitively.


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):9.00 x 7.75 x 2.25 Inches


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