Wooden Math Block Toy Maze Beads Board KidsBalance and Hands Grasp Toy


  • Type: Building Model

  • Range:> 3 Years Old

  • Wood Block Format: Geometric Assembling Blocks

  • Product Size: About 11.5x11.5x2.5cm

  • Classification: AssemblageItem Type

  • Children Maze ToysProduct Name: Wooden Puzzle Board Design:

  • Children Maze Toy Name: Maze Puzzle Block toyusage: For kids learningeducation to design: maze beads puzzle box model: puzzle block model toyfeature: development kids balance / hands grasp intelligence

  • introduction: first with a ball in the first place in the end, roll thebeads along the route, and then push forward along the gap step by step;once the beads have to be very careful slide hole, otherwise it will autumnhole, the council failed. only if the beads push the end, only it putsvictory. The ball moves to the start line by moving the handle back andforth to the game board, allowing the ball to slide forward along theroadmap, ball falling into the trap over again Oh, to the entire route, andfinally the goal Achieve, count your success. Ultimate hands-on game skills,brain exercise hand-eye balance control. interesting, difficult, is a braindevelopment and hand-eye coordination, balance training game toys, familygames helps improve parent-child affection.
    how long has it been away from the computer, away from the office, eventshands and feet? all day input, mouse operation, are not hands are stiff?Remember as a child how flexible body? Come and activity of the hand andeye, start your brain, do not stare, do not stare. move, play together.
    children to play, they can the childs ability, balance, strengthen the childpatience.
    how to play: the small iron beads placement (start) end, roll the beadsalong the route; In the rolling process, especially by hand balanceregulator, to roll the iron beads; Final decision on whether it can reachthe end.


  • 1 xMaze toy for children



Mosunx Wooden Math Block Toy Maze Beads Board Kids Balance and Hands Grasp Toy

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Mosunx Wooden Math Block Toy Maze Beads Board Kids Balance and Hands Grasp Toy

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