Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.The design of this face is inspired by traditional worry stones, tools used to reduce anxiety when rubbed. No need to click that pen anymore. This Fidget Cube has 12 sides, and on each side there is a thing to help you relief your negative emotions.1. Gear:The side has three gears which can be poked and rolled, spreading voice of clear and harmony.2. Rotary disk:Do you want to find a circular rotary disk? You can come and try it.3. Button:Game controller button experience, using ABS material to enhance texture.4. Silicone ball:Soft and exquisite hand feeling,resilient.5. Switch:You can have experience of the ubiquitous switch rhythm.6. Joystick:360 degree rotation joystick.7. Silicone rope:Free shrinkage,it can be hung anywhere and not afraid of missing.8. Soft button:People who like pressing ball pen can try it.9. Soft silicone:Small soft tactility that have the function of blood circulation and massage.10. Worry stone:Using fingers to rub repeatedly that can relieve stress and annoyance effectively.11. Sliding block:Sliding the sliding block to adjust own life rhythm.12 .Soft silicone faces:Is the little face very cute? it wont be angry no matter how to pinch.

EDC 12 Sided Fidget Cube - Stress & Anxiety Relief

detailedDescription":"EDC 12 Sided Fidget Cube - Stress & Anxiety Relief


Age Range:8 years & Up

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):4.00 x 4.00 x 4.00 Inches

EDC 12 Sided Fidget Cube - Stress & Anxiety Relief 566705167

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EDC 12 Sided Fidget Cube - Stress & Anxiety Relief 566705167

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